Monday, September 10, 2007

What Keeps You Writing?

You know, writing is not always an easy life. Sure, there are times when the words are flowing like crazy and you can barely tear yourself away from your laptop/computer/notebook but there are lots of times when writers struggle. Not just for words either. For ideas. For discipline. For faith. For lots of things.

Being self-employed, not matter what the job, is never the easy way out. In fact, I think you have to be at least a little bit of a workaholic to keep on working in whatever your field is. You need to have a bit of a healthy fear of the work not being there tomorrow. If you have too much confidence that you'll always have work, it's pretty easy to get lazy.

"I'll write more tomorrow."
"I've done well - I can skip out early today."
"I can take a couple days off."
"I deserve a break."

These are all things that can be ok to say to yourself - once in awhile. But if you start saying them to yourself too often it can become a habit. Then you're likely going to be in trouble.

So - what keeps you writing?

For me, it's knowing that my family depends on the money I make from writing. But it's also knowing that it's way to easy to take it easy. Knowing that I am the type of person who if given an inch will take a mile. So I give myself half an inch at a time. LOL. I know that if I don't be my own boss, no one else will.