Thursday, April 19, 2007

Plan of Attack!

I've been planning on doing some work at home and on weekends for a long time. First my excuse was that I didn't have anything to do because I didn't have a specific job. So I didn't stick to any specific hours.

You know, as writers we hear that over and over again - treat your writing like any other job - have hours, a place to write, etc. Do we listen? Well, I'm sure that there are some smart people out there that are listening to that from day one, but honey, I'm not one of them!

I've always been a "when I have time" writer. I write in those in betweens. In between cooking dinner and eating; in between sending the kids to bed and when they actually go to bed; in between watching the kids at the pool. You get the idea. But that doesn't really work. Not for me anyway. It's too easy to come up with excuses that way. In fact, it is just a way of setting my self up to have handy excuses to use when I can't meet a deadline.
So, I need a plan of attack. And this is what I have come up with. It may not be the one I stick with but I have to try something.

7:30 am - Check email, answer short ones; before I go to work.
6:30 pm - Do the same. Try to get all important emails answered in the next half hour.
9:00 pm - On Wed, Thurs, Fri I'll do the SEO writing. My goal will be 6 per night.
On Tues and Wed I'll work on the website, reading manuscripts and such. As late as midnite.

On weekends I'm going to work from 10-12 noon on SEO writing, then from 1-3pm, also SEO writing. The goal over the weekend is 15 pieces. On Sat. and Sun. evening I'll do work on the website from 9-11.

I'm thinking that my weekend schedule might be a little wonky, but I'll try this for two weeks and then adjust as necessary. My sister would tell me that that is too much and I'll never keep up to it. Honestly though, it is less than I spend on the computer some weeks.

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