Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I hate schedules!

I hate schedules. I always have and I'm wondering if I can ever come to terms with the fact that in order to be successful I'm going to have to develop a schedule!

I've never had a real schedule in my life that I chose to have. Of course, when I was a kid, I had to go to school. Specific hours of course. But at home there wasn't a specific schedule. My parent were almost hippie-ish in that we did things when we felt like doing them. If we didn't get around to eating until 8pm on Saturday it was no big deal - you ate when you were hungry. I had a bed time when I was younger, but as soon as I was old enough to take care of myself, it was up to me.

When I graduated from high school and entered the work force I worked in a lot of hospitality/service jobs, which meant that I had varied shifts. No real schedule was really established. I did things when they suited me and went to work whenever I had a shift.
When I became a parent the same pattern followed. My kids ate when they were hungry, slept whent they were tired, and got up when they woke up. I continued working shift work up until a few years ago so there wasn't any particular need for a schedule.

Now, I do have a 9-5 job and you'd think that would help. But weekends are still chaotic. Now, I've thrown freelancing on top of that and the lack of a schedule is not doing me any good. I get things done but often times it is in the early hours of the morning and pushing my deadlines.
So, is there any other previously unscheduled people out there that have broken this bad habit! I need some advice!

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Steven B. said...

Well, yeah, me.
I’ve been like that my whole life. Just like you, I’ve only had schedules when resistance was futile :), e.g. school, college, etc.
The only reason I’ve had some success in life is because I’m a quick thinker/learner and I managed to get a job with flexible hours (I work as a software developer).
Just a few days ago, I realized where the problem originates for me: At some point in my life I gave schedules a negative connotation.
“If I didn’t need a study schedule to get an engineering degree, why would I need one now” … Or maybe… “What’s the point of having a flexible job if I’m going to act as if I had a lesser job” (did you notice the word “lesser”)
Obviously, that’s all non-sense. Becoming an organized person doesn’t make me a lesser being, no matter what my psychological complexes say about it. Admitting I have this problem was the first step, now I’m actually creating my first schedule.